Congratulations to those that passed the Amateur Radio License Testing – 9/23/2017

VE Ham Cram Session – Saturday September 23st 2017 – Hollister, CA

Note: You can click on your call sign in this list (unless it is still listed as TBA) and go to the FCC web site with your information and you can click on “Reference Copy” to print an official copy of your license.

  • Jeff Alford – KM6MWE
  • Peter Austen – KM6MWF
  • Dana Lee Burley (upgrade to Amateur Extra) – K1DLW
  • Terry Burley (upgrade to Amateur Extra) – W6HRY
  • Randy Conyers (Technician and General) – KM6MWG
  • Brian Duckworth (Upgrade to General) – KM6MEW
  • Christine Hernandez – KM6MWH
  • Juan Hernandez – KM6MWI
  • Stephanie Hernandez – KM6MWJ
  • Vince Hill – KM6MWK
  • Michael Kelly – KM6MWL
  • Sandra Milo – KM6MWM
  • Jake Paulson – KM6MWN

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