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Fully-Remote On-Line Ham Testing: Congrats to those that Passed!

We have been having fully-remote on-line ham testing sessions. We are planning more – if you’re interested, please contact our contact volunteer examiner at testing @ sbcara.org or check https://hamstudy.org/sessions/N6HKT for dates….

Congratulations to those who have passed their exam so far….   For the new licensees, click on your call sign below to be taken to the FCC site and then click “Reference Copy” and it will let you download a PDF of your license or take you to a viewer of the copy (depending on your computer configuration) and you can print your  reference copy from there.

NameCall SignLicense ClassDate
Derrick Chan-SewKN6KIHTechnician8/12
Greg MicchalecKD9QBYTechnician8/12
Thomas K. ReskKJ7PXITechnician8/12
Tony ZuccarinoKJ7PXJTechnician8/12
Brian E. BranchKN6KHKTechnician8/7
Scott D. BuzanKJ7NXKUpgrade to General8/7
Tyler J. ClerfKJ7PSSTechnician8/7
Douglas D. DuttonKO4GCZTechnician8/7
Anthony ScodaryKN6KHLTechnician and General8/7
Geofery R. KimballKJ7PQUTechnician8/5
Marc RobbinsW7MRXUpgrade to Amateur Extra8/5
William RobinKF0BBQTechnician8/5
Georgios D. TelonisKN6KFGTechnician8/5
Christopher E. VinsonKN6KFHTechnician8/5
Craig E. BorchardKM6EICUpgrade to Amateur Extra8/1
Dylan DawesKN6KDNTechnician8/1
Arthur P. HuntW6APHUpgrade to Amateur Extra8/1
Habib RahmanKN6JYVUpgrade to General8/1
Brad WebbWE6BDWUpgrade to General8/1
Joseph S. GrantKJ7LTEUpgrade to General7/29
Steven RobertsonKN6JUJUpgrade to General7/29
Gregory M. ShiwotaWH6GKLTechnician7/29
Kevin B. WoodardKN6JPLUpgrade to General7/29
Marcy L. EngelsteinKJ7PKITechnician7/24
David C. JacksonKO4FSHTechnician7/24
Jimmy N. SturdivantKN6KBMTechnician7/24
Andre R. DervishianKN6KAETechnician7/22
George W. HuntN6GWHUpgrade to Amateur Extra7/22
Thomas G. LawsonKN6KAFTechnician7/22
Luis A. MembrilaKN6KAGTechnician7/22
Richard BlyKN6JYSTechnician7/17
Craig E. BorchardKM6EICUpgrade to General7/17
Jeff NewmanKN6JYTTechnician7/17
Anson H. PhamKN6JYUTechnician7/17
Habib RahmanKN6JYVTechnician7/17
Richard Todd DellingerKO4DQBUpgrade to General7/15
David DouglasKD2UAEUpgrade to General7/15
Carlos A. RodriguezWP4RNKTechnician7/15
Daniel C. WilliamsKI5JZJTechnician7/15
Rebecca L. CarneyKN6JVITechnician7/10
Randall T. HumistonKN6JLCUpgrade to General7/10
Phillip E. RobertsKI5JXLTechnician7/10
William G. RybackKJ7PDGTechnician7/10
Timothy L. WagnerKI5JIWUpgrade to General7/10
Leif M. AmussenKN6JUITechnician7/8
Luke P. ForzleyKD2UESTechnician7/8
Steven RobertsonKN6JUJTechnician7/8
Joseph R. CasebeerAI7BS ex KG7EQUUpgrade to Amateur Extra6/28
Mike D. CullenKM6UWGUpgrade to General6/28
Tim J. GambleK7TJGUpgrade to General6/28
Till NowakKN6JPMTechnician6/28
Joselito AranetaKN6JGKUpgrade to General6/26
Eugene J. Bukont IIIW3EJBUpgrade to General6/26
Dermot DuffyKN6JKMUpgrade to General6/26
Bradley E. HillKN6JPKTechnician6/26
Jordan R. LassiterKD2UDETechnician6/26
Juan R. MejiaAJ6PH ex KM6CFHUpgrade to Amateur Extra6/26
Paul E. SzemplinskiKD9PSTTechnician6/26
Kevin B. WoodardKN6JPLTechnician6/26
Phillip DeDionisioK1TUPUpgrade to General6/24
Robert E. Hales IIIKN6JMJTechnician6/24
George JewsevskyjWA3NAYUpgrade to Amateur Extra6/24
Padraic F. LackeyKN6JMKTechnician6/24
Billy C. RondKE7OHBUpgrade to Amateur Extra6/24
Eric BarendtN7EWBUpgrade to Amateur Extra6/21
Patricia (Trisha) BuzanKJ7OTITechnician6/21
Patrick MadiganKC3PMFTechnician6/21
Brad WebbKN6JKITechnician6/21
Deacon H. BradleyKI5JOVTechnician6/19
Tiffany M. CushmanKJ7OSXTechnician6/19
Dermot DuffyKN6JKMTechnician6/19
Carl C. GoslineKN6JKNTechnician6/19
Robert J. Hunnicutt IIIKO4EOPTechnician6/19
Jason LesKN6JKOTechnician6/19
David S. TaylorW5DSTUpgrade to Amateur Extra6/19
Cody WellsKN6JKPTechnician6/19
Dorian ChristensenKN6JHZTechnician6/17
Michael T. MudrickKE8OQGTechnician6/17
Steven TullisKJ7OPKTechnician6/17
Duane W. WheelerN6DSCUpgrade to Amateur Extra6/17
Dongwon KangK4NGDUpgrade to Amateur Extra6/14
Peter MurrayKI6ALDUpgrade to Amateur Extra6/14
Kyle OlsonKD2UAJTechnician6/14
Evan M. KauffmanKE8OPD Technician and General6/12
Larry MaliziaKJ6VUTUpgrade to Amateur Extra6/12
Robert H. ShawKB6KBAUpgrade to General6/12
Melissa M. TannerKI5GRHUpgrade to General6/12
Robert VellaKN6JGWTechnician6/12
David DouglasKD2UAETechnician6/10
Bruce NorrisKN6JFZTechnician6/10
Darryl RainsKN6JFYTechnician6/10
Jordan SongstadKJ7OMCTechnician6/10
Nick BrinkmanKN6JFKTechnician6/5
Jonathan MelgarKN6JFLTechnician6/5
Michael TorgusonAE0JITechnician, General & Amateur Extra6/5
Billy BoltzW6WKBUpgrade to General5/29
Brandon JacquesKN6JDQTechnician5/29
Tirso TavarezKO4DZBTechnician5/29
Alex YoungKN6JDRTechnician5/29
Randy MiramontezKN6ISQUpgrade to General5/16
Benson WongK6BENUpgrade to Amateur Extra5/16
101/106 People Passed (95%) – 65 Technicians; 24 Generals; 16 Amateur Extras = 105 Exams

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