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HF “Ham Fun” Night – Wed 9/16 Ed Fong @ 7pm – On Line (Note rescheduled for a day earlier)

HF Night to talk about all things Amateur Radio

Due to the shelter in place orders, we’re in the process to move to a virtual meeting using a conference service Zoom

This Wednesday Ham Fun Night will be Online!
You will need to register beforehand.

Wed 9/16 (1900 hrs) Topic: Antennas by Ed Fong (WB6IQN) WB6IQN

Join Zoom Meeting (Information sent by W6KRK via email for security)

We will hold HF Night for the third time by Webinar using the Zoom Meeting platform.  If this is your first time, contact Jack Kirk for an invite to the Zoom meeting.
You will be able to attend the meeting using a portable device, a laptop or a desktop as long as the device has a camera and audio. If you haven’t yet, please download Zoom on your favorite device so you will be ready for Thursday.
So sit back and enjoy our HF Night on Thursday 8/20 & 9/17, from the comfort of your home or as some have expressed it the location of your “self quarantine”.
See you Wednesday!!

Feel free to bring a project that you are working on, a new antenna idea or something you would like to share that you have learned about our hobby.

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