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Radio Nets for San Benito Co.

If you want to practice your operating skills or just want to stay plugged into a amateur radio group, there is no shortage of nets to check into.

It is advised to check in as a visitor initially. Some nets welcome folks as a member after their first check in, but if a net specifically asks for “members”, often that involves a formal process or membership in a specific organization (i.e. the American Red Cross VOIP Net’s first part of the roll call if for Red Cross volunteers only)

DayTime (PT)Location / Call Sign / IDBand / Frequency
THU1930Hollister / N6SBC / San Benito Co ARAVHF 147.315+ PL94.8
THU1930Panoche / N6SBC / San Benito Co ARAVHF 147.315+ PL94.8
THU1930Hollister / N6SBC / San Benito Co ARAVHF 147.315+ PL94.8
THU1900San Juan CanyonVHF 146.565 (simplex) PL156.7
FRI1930Monterey Bay Amateur Radio Association (MBARA) N6IJ – Net on WR6ABDVHF 146.640- PL162.2
SAT0730American Red Cross NVIS NetHF:75m:3891LSB@0730;
(Alts 7204,7209,7224}
SUN1800American Red Cross (ARC) VOIP Communicators Net followed by the Disaster Communicators Forum (DCF) NetVHF 147.315+ PL94.8
MON2000Fremont Peak Repeater Association (FPRA) / K6JEVHF 145.47- PL 94.8
TUE1930Garlic Valley Repeater Association (GVARC) / W6GGFVHF 147.825- PL100
TUE2000Loma Pioneer Repeater Club (LPRC) / WR6ABDVHF 146.640- PL162.2
WED1930Monterey County ARES Net / K6JEVHF 145.47- PL 94.8
WED2100Morgan Hill Amateur Radio Society / K7DAAUHF 442.975+ PL100
Every Day1130Noon Time NetHF 3970 LSB
Every Day1000Noon Time NetHF 7283.5 LSB

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