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Fully-Remote On-Line Ham Testing: Congrats to those that Passed!

We have been having fully-remote on-line ham testing sessions. We are planning more – if you’re interested, please check our Testing-Training page, contact our contact volunteer examiner at testing @ sbcara.org or check https://hamstudy.org/sessions/N6HKT for dates….

Congratulations to those who have passed their exam so far….   For the new licensees, click on your call sign below to be taken to the FCC site and then click “Reference Copy” and it will let you download a PDF of your license or take you to a viewer of the copy (depending on your computer configuration) and you can print your  reference copy from there.

NameCall SignLicense ClassDate
Leighton BoveeKN6KYRTechnician9/18
Alexander FallenstedtKJ7QYKTechnician9/18
David HammillKJ7QYLTechnician9/18
Jesse D. DickensKJ7QVVTechnician9/16
Michael SalipanteKN6KWITechnician9/16
Keegan C. SanchezW6TMMUpgrade to General9/16
David N. StoddardKN6JOIUpgrade to General9/16
Jason T. TurkKI5KYTTechnician9/16
Matthew GeorgieKF0BPHTechnician9/12
Thomas GeorgieKF0BPITechnician9/12
William C. HostropWA6RAHUpgrade to General9/12
Timothy M. RosasKN6KUNTechnician9/12
Brad WebbWE6BDWUpgrade to Amateur Extra9/12
David J. CantarellaKB3VRRUpgrade to General9/9
Spencer L. GilesKJ7QLPTechnician9/9
Michael F. GoodKJ6ILGUpgrade to Amateur Extra9/9
Nathan J. HiscockKD9QHFTechnician9/9
Kevin M. HartKJ7OVQUpgrade to General9/9
Jim L. ChangKO4HCITechnician9/6
David S. HernandezKO4HCJTechnician9/6
Randall T. HumistonKN6JLCUpgrade to Amateur Extra9/6
John B. Tanner IIIKI5KTXTechnician9/6
Kathy WollmanKN6KSPTechnician9/6
Andrew CraigK9MKEUpgrade General9/4
Bradley J. JonesKJ7QLATechnician9/4
Yevgeniy KarazhovKN6KSMTechnician9/4
Esteban J. RomagniW4DTAUpgrade to Extra9/4
Ben WallaceKN6KSNTechnician9/4
Kendall H. ClementKN6KQWTechnician & General9/2
Conner H. CrenshawKO4GZNTechnician & General9/2
Rimantas J. KundrotasKJ7QJPTechnician9/2
Dennis O. Letcher Jr.KD9QGHTechnician9/2
Anthony R. MarshallKI5KTBTechnician9/2
Aaron SteinKM6QOSUpgrade to Amateur Extra9/2
James C. GuyW5RHTUpgrade to Amateur Extra8/30
Timothy J. KellnerAI5AD was N5KELUpgrade to Amateur Extra8/30
Ronald B. PerelmanKN6KQGTechnician8/30
Alejandro PincovKO4GRUUpgrade to General8/30
Habib RahmanAJ6PY was KN6JYVUpgrade to Amateur Extra8/30
Yuqing GongKN6KMLTechnician8/22
Joseph S. GrantKJ7LTEUpgrade to Amateur Extra8/22
Binlang GuKN6KMMTechnician8/22
Joshua HenryKD9QEQTechnician8/22
Douglas MuiKN6KMNTechnician8/22
James StrattonKN6KMOTechnician8/22
Aaron LariscyKO4GMMTechnician8/19
John R. LonborgN6TUBUpgrade to General8/19
Ferrell C. MayesKE8PAYUpgrade to General8/19
David A. PattersonKD9QDKTechnician8/19
Mark PearsonKJ7QCDTechnician8/19
Brian P. TraceyKJ7QCETechnician8/19
Christopher R. BuddKF0BGATechnician8/14
Benjamin R. FerreiraKI5KNCTechnician8/14
Jacob FirestoneKJ7PYLTechnician and General8/14
Kenneth FrankeKN6KJDTechnician and General8/14
Jeffrey M. HammerKN6KJETechnician8/14
Miles A. LinscottKF7EFIUpgrade to General8/14
Andrew W. PulleyKJ7PYMTechnician8/14
David W. RascheKD9QCJTechnician8/14
Keegan C. SanchezKN6KJFTechnician8/14
Derrick Chan-SewKN6KIHTechnician8/12
Greg MicchalecKD9QBYTechnician8/12
Thomas K. ReskKJ7PXITechnician8/12
Tony ZuccarinoKJ7PXJTechnician8/12
141 Examinees, 161 Elements Passed ( 96%): 100 Technicians; 36 Generals; 25 Amateur Extras

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