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Fully-Remote On-Line Ham Testing: Congrats to those that Passed!

We have been having fully-remote on-line ham testing sessions. We are planning more – if you’re interested, please check our Testing-Training page, contact our contact volunteer examiner at testing @ sbcara.org or check https://hamstudy.org/sessions/N6HKT for dates….

Congratulations to those who have passed their exam so far….   For the new licensees, click on your call sign below to be taken to the FCC site and then click “Reference Copy” and it will let you download a PDF of your license or take you to a viewer of the copy (depending on your computer configuration) and you can print your  reference copy from there.

NameCall SignLicense ClassDate
Jan FreiwaldKN6MFITechnician11/18
Heike HarrisonKN6MFJTechnician11/18
Alex W. HaysAJ6QYTechnician, General & Amateur Extra11/18
Kathleen R. HughesKN6MFKTechnician11/18
John E. Kienitz Jr.KN6MFLTechnician & General11/18
Nana NasefKN6MFMTechnician & General11/18
Jonathan N. ShoreKN6MFNTechnician11/18
Byron ShugartKN6MFOTechnician11/18
Nigel CockroftKN6MELTechnician11/17
Susan MarxKN6MEMTechnician11/17
George M. Saam IIIKN6MENTechnician11/17
Mark S. HowitsonKN6MCWTechnician11/14
Hunter M. KleinKF0CKTTechnician11/14
Chris LongKD9QYMTechnician11/14
Chad UretskyKI5MBTTechnician & General11/14
David W. CarrollKN6LITUpgrade to Amateur Extra11/8
David A. DoermannKN6LZOTechnician11/8
Kaitlyn J. HandlemanKN6MANTechnician11/8
Haskell L. HarperKI5LXSTechnician11/8
Mark M. KwanKN6LZUTechnician11/8
Jeffrey E. BoorsmaKD2UZVTechnician11/6
Ted J. Burton Jr.KJ7SAYTechnician11/6
Elan BustosKN6JKFUpgrade to General11/6
Josh M. ByrdKJ7SAUTechnician11/6
Carlos LiraKJ7SCGTechnician11/6
Caleb J. BarbeeKI5LVYTechnician10/28
Robert R. BlackmerKN6LUKTechnician10/28
Louis GoesslingKF0CGOTechnician10/28
David D. RiedelKN6LULTechnician10/28
Joseph R. TaberaKN6LUMTechnician10/28
Brian WaysonKF0CGPTechnician10/28
Elizabeth A. BitzKF0CEPTechnician10/24
William C. Hostrop (Liam)WA6RAHUpgrade to Amateur Extra10/24
Jeff NewmanKN6JYTUpgrade to General10/24
David NunezKN6LTMTechnician10/24
Timothy L. YounceKO4IUWTechnician10/24
Peter A. DuprisKN6LQHTechnician10/21
Richard T. GomezKJ7RTOTechnician10/21
Henry J. HernandezKN6LQITechnician10/21
Nathan J. HiscockKD9QHFUpgrade to Amateur Extra10/21
Emanuel M. TaganileKN6LQJTechnician10/21
Bradford P. AndersonKE6PWMUpgrade to General10/16
Stephen L. AsheKN6LNVTechnician10/16
Gregory EvansKE8PSYTechnician10/16
Derek RobinsKD9QOXTechnician10/16
Evan BradyKO4IISTechnician10/9
Raymond FournierKN6LJHTechnician10/9
Mikhail W. Fraser-GrayKN6LJITechnician10/9
Brian KahrsKJ7RLGTechnician10/9
Paul AndrewsKJ7RIVTechnician10/7
Terry M. BrewerKJ7RIWTechnician10/7
Nathan J. HiscockKD9QHFUpgrade to General10/7
Grayson M. MorrisonKD9QNITechnician10/7
Kyle S. SallingKN6LHVTechnician10/7
Sean AskeKJ7RITTechnician10/2
Michael H. FletcherKN6LHUTechnician10/2
Lara JerniganKI5LLCTechnician10/2
Jack M. McKennaKO4IFJTechnician10/2
Jeffrey L. RanckKJ7RIUTechnician10/2
211 Examinees, 238 Elements Passed ( 96%): 165 Technicians; 45 Generals; 28 Amateur Extras

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