29th Sea Otter Classic 2019 – Amateur Radio Support

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The 29th Sea Otter Classic will be held on April 11-24, 2019. Help from amateur radio operators has been a vital resource for communication in the Fort Ord National Monument back country and the Gran Fondo (“Great Endurance”) Carmel Valley Route.

The Sea Otter Classic attracts thousands of athletes and spectators and is now regarded as the world’s premiere cycling festival. The areas where we assist have little or no cellular or repeater coverage. It is an excellent opportunity for demonstration and practice of emergency communications and help build readiness for a real disaster.

This year help will be needed for the following times:

– Thursday 4/11 – Radio/Communication Support – Morning to Mid Afternoon

– Saturday 4/13 – Back Country Support – Early Morning to Mid Afternoon

– Saturday 4/13 – Gran Fondo Carmel Valley Route Support – Early Morning to Early Evening

– Sunday 4/14 – Back Country Support – Early Morning to Mid Afternoon

Camping is available directly from the event or we have the option of camping for no charge in the Laguna Seca paddock.

We’re continuing a process that integrates us with the other teams providing support and let everyone focus on their specialties. Ham radio operators will be primarily working radios including ham radios and/or commercial/public safety radios (i.e. You may be asked to coordinate on a public safety frequency to guide in an ambulance while the medic provides care). This will give us the advantage of not having to double up just to make sure we don’t have a ham out there alone, but we will still pair experienced hams with new hams as needed. First aid and course marshal support will be provided by and National Ski Patrol and others.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you’re interested in volunteering. We’ll need a volunteer wavier signed and we will have more details available closer to the event.

Volunteers receive a volunteer T-Shirt, a pass to the Sea Otter Classic Festival (about a $50 value), and a lunch if your shift spans lunch time.

Please note that the times and details are subject to change, but we will keep you updated if you volunteer. Please keep in mind that end times are estimates. In most cases the event will end earlier, but if we have a significant incident, demobilization may go much later.

To sign up please follow these four steps:

  1. Go to the registration form (If you can’t do this, just email w6tst@arrl.net)

  2. Please fill out a Release Form“2019 Assumption of Risk” form and sign it.(Not yet available)

  3. Please fill out a USA Cycling release form (Please initial the first page, fill out and sign the second page)(Not yet available)

  4. E-mail or mail it to Tim Takeuchi – 1760-F Airline Hwy, Suite 135, Hollister, CA 95023.


Frequency – Back Country will be using will be a 2 meter ham frequency with an odd offset, and the Carmel Valley Route has a primary tactical repeater for command operations, and WB6ECE and KI6PAU as a alternate ham command communications options. Please see the IAP (Incident/Event Action Plan) for details.



Sea Otter Classic – Incident/Event Action Plan 2018

Sea Otter Classic – Ham Radio Operations Guide

Note – the IAP (Incident/Event Action Plan) contains frequencies and operational details for the event and gets updated frequently. The Ham Radio Operations Guide is pretty static


Fort Ord Back Country

Carmel Valley Route


Below is the volunteer assignments based on your preference and the current plans.


  • Your assignment may change before the event based on conditions. We’ve already had last minute changes in volunteers. Please be flexible in case we have to change your assignment.
  • Assignments are for the full period. If you’re late we can’t let you in and there is no way to allow you to leave early unless it is an emergency.
  • In most cases, you’ll be teamed up and your car may be left behind during the event. Please prepare your vehicle so it may be parked and secured during the event.

Name Callsign Thursday
CVR Road
Bk Cntry
Bk Cntry
Jim WA6DIJ     Field Field
John N6QX     Field Field
Name Callsign Thursday
CVR Road
Bk Cntry
Bk Cntry
Jim WA6DIJ     Field Field
John N6QX     Field Field
Name Callsign Thursday Enduro Saturday CVR Road Saturday Bk Cntry Sunday Bk Cntry
Jim WA6DIJ     Field Field
John N6QX     Field Field
  • BkC – Back Country – Fort Ord Public Lands (FOPL)
  • Base – Remote base location on the Carmel Valley Route
  • Field – Field location in the Fort Ord Public Lands
  • NCS – Net Control Station
  • Road – Gran Fondo Carmel Valley Route – Road event
  • Rover – Carmel Valley Route – Mobile/SAG Support
  • + – Option to Support this as an alternate assignment

2018 Schedule (Subject to change)

IMPORTANT! Ending times are estimates only and some conflicts in the documentation we’re working on! The event may run longer for many reasons and if there is an incident, we will need to stay on duty until we’re clear of the incident.

Saturday April 21, 2018

  Carmel Valley Road Support Back Country Support
Time Communications Event Communications Events
6:45 AM     Meet @ Gigling & 8th    
6:55 AM Meet @ Paddock  
7:00 AM   to Back Country
7:20 AM On Station
7:30 AM Support Starts  
7:30 AM   GF CVR Start
7:50 AM   MTB Tour Start
7:55 AM   Gravel Grinder Tour Start
10:30 AM  
12:00 AM MTB Tour End Gravel Grinder Tour End
1:30 PM    
2:00 PM Support Ends (Est)
5:00 PM GF CVR End  
5:30 PM Est End  

Sunday April 22, 2018

Time Communications Event
6:45 AM Meet at Staging Gigling/8th  
7:00 AM Proceed to Back Country
7:20 AM Radio Support Starts
7:30 AM   XC CAT 1/ CAT 2/CAT 3/Tandems/Juniors Starts
1:30 PM XC CAT 1/ CAT 2/CAT 3/Tandems/Juniors Ends (Est)
2:00 PM Radio Support Ends (Est)  

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