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SOC 2020 – Schedule for Ham Radio Volunteers

IMPORTANT! Ending times are estimates only. The event may run longer for many reasons and if there is an incident, we will need to stay on duty until we’re clear of the incident.

Thursday April 16th 2020

Time Communications Event
0750 Meet at Staging Paddock
0800 Radio Check Out @ Paddock
0800 Staging @ Paddock
0900 Enduro Start
0900 Ham Operations Start
1400? Radio Check In Starts @ Paddock
1500? Ham Operations End
1500 Enduro End
1600 Enduro Radio Check In Ends @ Paddock

Saturday April 18th 2020

Carmelo aka Carmel Valley Road Support Back Country Support
Time Communications Event Communications Events
0645 Meet @ Paddock
0655 Meet @ Paddock
0700 to Back Country
0720 On Station
0730 Support Starts
0730 GF CVR Start
0750 MTB Tour Start
0755 Gravel Grinder Tour Start
1200 MTB Tour End Gravel Grinder Tour End
1400 Support Ends (Est)
1700 GF CVR End
5:30 PM Est End

Sunday April 19th 2020

Time Communications Event
0645 Meet at Paddock
0700 Proceed to Back Country
0720 Radio Support Starts
0730 XC CAT 1/ CAT 2/CAT 3/Tandems/Juniors Starts
1330 XC CAT 1/ CAT 2/CAT 3/Tandems/Juniors Ends (Est)
1400 Radio Support Ends (Est)

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